The Hexham 1350 is a simple, elegant and beautifully proportioned mantelpiece manufactured in pure Turkish limestone. This mantel is similar to the Kensington design with the addition of a cushion or extra layer under the top shelf increasing the height slightly. Having a contemporary feel, the Hexham is ideally suited to partner the Arbeia range of multi-fuel stoves or the Cast Tec range of cast-iron fireplaces. The Hexham (available in two shelf sizes, 1350mm and 1500mm) is also available as a full limestone suite, which includes a hearth and back panel suitable for gas or electric appliances. Turkish Limestone is a natural product and can be 300 million years old. Whilst it doesn’t have the veining and complex colouration of many pure marbles, limestone still has the odd imperfection and occasionally fossils can be found embedded in the material. This is considered by many to be the beauty of natural limestone. If you are likely to be distressed by minor natural markings, the Hexham is also manufactured in two man-made micro marbles, Roman Stone (a beige colour) and Polar White. Micro marbles consist of a mixture of 95% pure marble and 5% resin enabling them to be very consistent and reliable in colouration. The Hexham is also available for a trial period in natural Black Sandstone (which looks very similar to grey slate).